Oklahomans for Mobility Campaign

Oklahomans for Mobility Campaign


As you know, Public Transit Gets Us There! It gets us to work, medical appointments, shopping, recreational opportunities, school and social activities. But some of our lawmakers might not understand the importance public transit plays in our everyday lives. We need your help to send the message about public transit to the state Capitol in order to help increase funding for transit.

Please go to www.oklahomansformobility.com and sign up to be a member of the coalition seeking an additional $20.5 million in state transit funding. More than 600 people have joined the Coalition statewide and we need you to add your voice to the discussion.

All you have to do is go to www.oklahomansformobility.com, click the Join the Movement red button and fill out the form. We will do the rest by sending your state Senator and state Representative an email asking them to support the efforts.

Once you submit your name as a coalition member, help us by sharing on your social media and through your email contacts. The more voices, the better then chance we have to help enhance our community’s transit system. I’ve also included a “Faces of Transit” graphic provided to us by Oklahoma Transit Association and Grand Flash. Feel free to share this image with others as well.

OKLAHOMANS FOR MOBILITY COALITION www.oklahomansformobility.com