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Lifting Individuals for Tomorrow

LIFT Community Action Agency, Inc., founded in 1968, is the primary provider of social services in Choctaw, McCurtain and Pushmataha counties of rural Southeast Oklahoma.  Agency programs range from education to transportation, tourism, economic development and more.  Services are designed to positively impact the lives of those we touch. Although most programs exist to serve at-risk low-income families, our reach extends far beyond improving the quality of life for the entire community.

Who We Are

LIFT CAA has been assisting low income people since 1968. Anti-poverty programs implemented by LIFT CAA have substantially decreased poverty in the southeast Oklahoma area.

What We Do

LIFT CAA carries out many different types of services.  Our focus includes community services, early childhood, transportation, low income housing programs, tourism and economic development.

How Can We Help

From youth mentoring programs, job training programs, housing assistance programs, daycare and senior care food programs, head start programs and much more, we are here to help!

How Can You Help

Without the generosity of those in our community who volunteer and donate to our cause, we wouldn’t exist.  Every little bit means a lot.  LIFT CAA is changing lives one person at a time.  Come join us in the cause!

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Angel Hillis, a participant in Missouri, said, “It’s more than I ever thought I would have.  This time last year we were living with my mom.  Building our home and moving in is a dream come true.  It was exciting.  I can’t explain it, I lay in bed for two hours thinking ‘I am in my own home.'”
Angel Hillis

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