Post Partum

The postpartum period is the time after giving birth. During this time mother, baby and family will go through many changes. For every mom obstacles may vary. You might experience some emotional changes after birth. These include;

Baby Blues

Many mothers experience baby blues that may begin around 3-5 days after birth. Symptoms vary from person to person. Symptoms of baby blues are: feeling cranky, moody or crying a lot for no apparent reason. Some mothers might feel anxious, have trouble sleeping or appetite changes.   These feelings are normal and will usually pass on their own around 10 days to two weeks after giving birth.

Postpartum Depression

This is a type of depression that affects around 10% of women within the first year of giving birth. It will often start around 1-3 weeks after delivery. The feelings you may experience with PPD are stronger and more intense than the feelings with baby blues. You may have issues with everyday tasks and experience intense feelings of sadness and anxiety.  These feelings will last longer than 2 weeks. PPD will need treatment to get better. If you think you are experiencing these symptoms please talk to your doctor.

Weight Gain

In addition to emotional changes you are also going to experience physical changes with your body. Your body experienced weight gain and change during pregnancy, this will not go away overnight. Be patient and wait for your doctor to release you to go back to exercising.


After giving birth your uterus where your baby has been has to go back to its normal size and shape. This is where the cramping you experience comes from. These are often referred to as after birth pains. Your doctor will advise you which pain medications are safe to take.

Breast Changes

Your breast will begin to feel full and heavy. This is your breastmilk coming in.

Vaginal Discharge

For the first 10-14 days after giving birth you are going to experience what is called lochia. Your uterus is shedding the blood and tissues left from pregnancy. This is normal. Around 8-10 days post-partum the discharge should be very light or almost gone.

Perineum soreness

This is the area between your vagina and rectum. It may become sore if you have had a vaginal birth. To help with soreness you can: do Kegel exercises, use cold packs or try a sitz bath.