LIFT CAA School Readiness AmeriCorps Program is a school readiness grant that Head Start/ Early Head Start was awarded in 2007. Since then hundreds of children have received one on one tutoring to help prepare them for Kindergarten. The children are having greater success rates when it comes to entering Kindergarten prepared. This, in turn, gives the children a much better chance at being successful throughout their public school years.

The members serve a total of 900 hours throughout the school year and earn a living allowance.  Upon completion they receive an educational voucher valued at $2,822.00 to use for higher education purposes.  The education award can be used at any Title IV college or Vo-Tech, or it can be used to pay qualified student loans.

Members who are 55 and older can transfer their education award to a child or grandchild if they do not plan to use it for themselves.  The Members receive trainings that enhance their skills in the classroom, and they are receiving experience that sometimes helps determine the career path they choose for themselves.

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